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Replace Keys

Turn all of your keys into your smartphone, replace all keys with a click of a button

Connect 24/7

See when a lock is accessed, who accessed it, where it was opened and if it was relocked.

Monitor Access

Grant and revoke access at any time

Save Money

Save money on key cutting and lock replacements.

Allow Access is an Internet of Things (IoT) company providing solutions to everyday access problems. End the frustration of using keys and swipe cards to control access to your facilities and paying for replacements when they get lost.



Our enterprise cloud software platform LockVue® empowers businesses and organisations to securely manage their smart lock devices, grant and revoke user access, and track activity.

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Give your staff, customers, clients or members access to open locks with their smart phone, anywhere at anytime.

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Our Locks

Our range of smart locks are incredibly strong and durable.

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